What is FI?

Well, the prime purpose of Financial Inclusion is to provide easy and trouble free banking services to those sections of the population that are considered under privileged. FI is basically a step by SBI to bring the un-banked population of India into the banking domain, and provide them the basic amenities, such as loans, savings account, etc. at extremely low cost.

Gujarat Infotech Ltd

Gujarat Infotech Limited (GIL) an ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 ensured, Microsoft Certified Partner and a CRISIL appraised Company. This company has been playing a significant role by helping SBI extends its centers to the rural areas. The efficient model run by GIL in association with SBI is proving to be cost effective in nature. It was the year 2011 when GIL teamed up with SBI to render banking services to the rural areas of the country.

Role of SBI in FI

Like it was mentioned above, SBI is the largest public sector bank in India. The widespread network of this bank has proven to be highly efficient in helping lower income groups to avail the facilities provided by the banking sector. The experience and powerful brand image of SBI are also playing a major role in this regard.

Advantage of FI-Rural/Urban

The infrastructure of SBI is highly capable of connecting the underprivileged population of the country to the mainstream of financial services. This will make them more capable of achieving their targets, as they will get a fair platform to seek financial assistance from the bank. When the people from the underprivileged section of the population will experience growth, the country will also develop at a faster rate.

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